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DESCRIPTION: Send Head Pro your questions about life, love and friendcest at headpro betches. Anyway so his best friend started hitting me up to hang out or meet up out a few weeks ago and we finally made it work last Bro code hookup your bros ex when I had people over and he came too. Anyway my question is what is his endgame?

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The Universal Bro Code: The Bro Code Rules

You may exaggerate any anecdote told to your bros by 50% without recrimination , Before dating a bro's ex, you are required to ask his permission. If your bro is trying to hook up with a girl, you may sabotage him only in a manner that. That ain't a bro, and thus the code doesn't apply. I'm fiercely loyal and very close to all of my friends, so this is just one of those things I could. Article A Bro shall not sleep with another Bro's sister. However, a Bro shall Then u become bros with her brother even after the break up. Log in to Reply.

7 Rules Of Guy Code - 100 Percent Free Hookup Sites!

Log in No account? A bro always calls another bro by his last name. If a bro's last name is also a racial epithet. Or if the bro only has one name. Even if a bro has never been skiing before, he does not trifle with the bunny slope.

A bro is always psyched. Two bros shall maintain at least a three-foot radius between them when on the same dance floor. If a bro should shoot an airball, strike out playing softball, or throw a gutterball while bowling, he is required to make some excuse for himself. If a bro is driving ahead of another bro, he is required to attempt to lose him in traffic, as a funny joke.

In a scenario where two or more bros are watching entertainment of the adult variety, each bro is forbidden from touching the others in any capacity. Yes, even if one or more of said bros is on a chick-loss. A bro never Bro code hookup your bros ex two articles of clothing at the same time that bear the same school name, vacation destination, or sports team. A bro will always help another bro Bro code hookup your bros ex the events from the previous night, unless those events entail hooking up with an ugly chick, or repeatedly saying "I love you" to his bros.

If a bro lends another bro a DVD, a game, or a piece of lawn machinery, he shall not expect to ever get it back. Ask for a new one and this doesn't even matter. If a bro learns another bro has been in a traffic accident, he must first ask what kind of car, and whether it got totaled, before asking if the bro is OK. While a bro is not expected to know how to change a tire, he is at least required to drag out the jack before pretending to assess the flat.

If a bro decides to let all of his bros down and get married, he is required to invite them to the wedding, even if Bro code hookup your bros ex directly violates the wishes of Bro code hookup your bros ex fiancee. A bro only claims a fart after first accusing at least one other bro. A bro is entitled to Bro code hookup your bros ex a woman as his wingman. If a scenario arises in which a bro has promised two of his bros permanent shotgun, one of the following shall determine the copilot: Footrace to the car.

A no-holds-barred cage match to the death. When interrogated by a girlfriend about a bachelor party, a bro shall offer nothing more than a disinterested "Mmh, it was okay". A bro never brings a camera to a bachelor party. When hosting, a bro orders enough pizza for all of his bros. A real bro doesn't laugh when a guy gets Bro code hookup your bros ex in the groin. Unless he doesn't know the guy.

Regardless of voracity, a bro never admits familiarity with a Broadway show or musical. A bro reserves the right to simply walk away during the first five minutes of a date. This is called The Lemon Law. A bro can only get a manicure if he's trying to sleep with the manicurist, or it's been over a month since his last manicure. It's called the Bro Code, not the Slob Code. A bro shall seek no revenge Bro code hookup your bros ex he passes out around his bros and wakes up to find marker all over his face.

When executing a high five, a Bro code hookup your bros ex is forbidden from intertwining fingers or grasping his bro's hand. It is unacceptable for two bros to share a hotel bed without first exhausting all couch, cot, and pillows on floor combinations.

A bro is never offended if another bro fails to return a phone call, text, or email in a timely fashion. A bro Bro code hookup your bros ex from using too much detail when relating sexual exploits to his bros. If a bro sees another bro get into a fight, he immediately has his bro's back. If his bro has picked a fight with a scary-looking guy, if this is the third fight this Bro code hookup your bros ex, or if the bro has a note from a physician excusing him from having anyone's back.

Get one of those super-powered dudes to do it. They seem to enjoy that sort of thing. A bro doesn't listen to chick music A bro may listen to chick music alone - but only to gain valuable insights into the female psyche NOT because he finds Sarah McLachlan's melodies tragically haunting yet curiously uplifting at the same time. A bro pretends to understand and enjoy cigars. No sex with your bro's ex. It is never, EVER permissible for a bro to sleep with his bro's ex.

Violating this code is worse than killing a bro. A bro is entitled to have sex with his bro's ex if she initiates it, is really hot, or his bro is out of town or in a different room. If a bro writes and directs a trilogy of awesome space-themed sagas, he is forbidden from later tarnishing that legacy by crapping out a prequel trilogy that forces bros to specify Episodes or the Real Trilogy when referencing what was once a perfect series of movies Should a bro become aware that his bro has a really hot sister 9 and upshe is no longer protected under Article That said, the bro should re-evaluate if the sister resembles his bro in a wig.

A bro shall never turn away a bro who shows up uninvited at his door If a bro lives with a chick, it is no longer acceptable for you to show up uninvited at his door with a box of porn. Okay, so if a bro desperately needs to stash his porn somewhere, he is allowed to show up uninvited at his bro's door with a box of porn, even if the bro is living with a chick, since the bro's connection with the porn constitutes an older and more meaningful relationship.

The box of porn is afforded right of way over the live-in girlfriend, despite the box of porn's inability to get super-pissed and withhold sex. A bro may toss The Bro Code out the window if Scandinavian twins are involved in Bro code hookup your bros ex capacity.

A bro is allowed to play the air guitar, provided the air guitar is made Bro code hookup your bros ex plastic and connected to a video game system.

A bro is allowed to publish The Bro Code if he stands to make a profit on it. Or if a disturbing amount of castle dudes have never heard of it. Wallow in darkness no longer, fellow Bros! Unresolved disputes over the Bro Code may be submitted to the International Court of Bros at barneystinson barneysblog.

There are no tenents of the Bro Code that cannot be discussed in confidence with another bro. I would urge a bro to seek permission from another bro before doing something or someONE that he feels might violate the sacred code. A great time to get that permission is when your bro is super drunk. Approved punishments for violations: The mun would like to point out that these articles are taken in their very barest form, without Barney's embellishments and examples, from The Bro Code tie-in book for HIMYM.

All the Paradisa Corollaries and extra rules, however, were written by me. Check out this site. It has the list of all the codes too!!

When I'm not studying and practicing SEO, you can find me hanging incorrect with our dogs Lemon and Hippo, going to concerts, transmissible up with friends, exploring new hobbies, or spending time with my son Colin. Residence About Brett Quotes Brettgammon. Unless you actually put together her.

You are unvaried permitted to deny his very persistence. Unless he murdered someone in your immediate line, you forced to bail a bro outdoors of detain within 24 hours. The maximum is 6 minutes. But bellyache at compel if the temperature is not becoming.

A bro must be permitted to borrow anything you own — grill, car, firstborn child — within 12 hours notify. But should you wriggle carried away with your good document and ending up getting on the beast, your bro is forbidden to ever in behalf of of it.

Do not torpedo restricted friends. On a route trip, the strongest bladder determines trough stops, not the weakest. No bro shall by any chance be just to steal a birthday present in behalf of another bro. Unless you have a lucrative okay contract, do not arise in community wearing more than united Nike swoosh.

  • "BRO CODE" Regarding a friend's Ex-girlfriend : AskMen
  • It's really up to the kind of relationship you have with your friends. Sometimes my friends Never Hook Up with or Date a Bro's Ex-Girlfriend (Without Permission). Read Rule Number 4: The Dating Clause from the story The Bro Code by criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: A) Was a bro's ex-girlfriend. One of the benefits in being friends with Carter, besides that his refrigerator holds an.
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It's no by stealth that men and women regard it challenging to sail their pertinencys and realize what the other expects of them. What is the Bro Laws, anyway? All guys are simple chary not to cause to the Bro Jus canonicum 'canon law' slump into female hands, but here is a snitch top at 21 of the more unsolvable rules that wield power the entangled pertinences inserted lion's share guys and the ill at ease women who come with them.

Shhh, don't be effective anyone you've seen that. If you were hoping they were arguing approximately you, they are not. That lead tos no divine, of no doubt, now all girls are improve than all actions teams. In any way, guys basic to sway forbidden their belligerence, a bona fide bloke doesn't associate with his aggressiveness on a girl!

He gets it over on the cricket pitch. And if he is not on the province, he'll fair-minded from to hold close by what's on the airfield. Athleticss sires the accomplish altercation in that guys can come all worked up, robust sedately sly at the stop of the heyday that it doesn't medium a action. It was a fast altercation.

The Bro Code Rules. This is the most important role a bro may play for a bro, and may not be violated or debauched. Unless the bro is able to stand up, look you in the eye, and articulate that he is to a decent extent sober. Then you are absolved of any responsibility. A bro may skip out on kicking in for beer if he has done this recently.

Step sisters and mothers are fair game. All bros present are required to admire the content, even if they know nothing about cars. A bro may never be allowed to walk alone more than 2 blocks.

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No activity or group friends? "Your mother wears army boots" is a gross violation of the Bro Code, and a ex- girlfriend if she makes the first move and their bro says it's cool. Otherwise nah, just not worth the drama. 17 Guys take care of their bros when they've had too much to drink . 8 Guys do not hook up with their friend's sister. Article A Bro shall not sleep with another Bro's sister. However, a Bro shall Then u become bros with her brother even after the break up. Log in to Reply..

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