If a pisces man likes you

So you have fallen for a man who was born under the water sign February 18 — March 20? Just like...

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A free spirit which is hard to pin down, this is how you can describe a Pisces man. Fish always slip away and is hard to catch, and so is Pisces.

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Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether your crush is crushing back on you. After all, many men are notoriously closed-lipped about their feelings, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart.

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If a pisces man likes you

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As the last zodiac sign, the twin fishes sign likes to dive into the waters of dangerous depths. They are mostly empaths who love deeply and fully. You think that a Pisces has feelings for you, but how do you know for sure if they like you? But a Pisces who has a crush on you will laugh heartily.

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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and love compatibility.

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If a pisces man likes you

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Luckily astrology is here to provide valuable insights into the dating habits of the different zodiac signs. Are you falling for a Pisces man and want to know if his feelings for you are...