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About ME: Hi! my name is Katie, 24 years old from San Diego: My favorite movie "Rubbers (film)" and favorite book about sex "Reader's Digest Guide to Love and Sex". I need honesty, communication, respect and affection. My outlook on life is optimistic and I like laughing and smiling. I want it from a man - increase your sperm count by up to 74% by regularly eating a range of zinc-rich foods like beef, pecans and pine nuts. I also have a good sense of humor. I am bisexual too, so women/couples are welcome to get in touch too. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Keanu Reeves! If you stopped by to read my profile then you must be home bored to.

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DESCRIPTION: Watching a movie from the comfort of your own home can be a very personal experience. But if you have a significant other, you know the joy of sharing a lovely film with the one you love.

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Ask Anna: Why does my husband like to watch me with other men? - RedEye Chicago

A list of 21 movies for you and your loved one to watch this weekend. But don't worry — let's aren't all rom-coms. We have something for every. Once in a while, I document the experience, and he gets immense pleasure out of watching me. I won't lie -- I get turned on by how turned on. The rule is that you use 'I' if it forms part of the subject of the verb, but 'me' if it's the object or predicate. Thus it should be 'Please join my wife and me'. But it is.

My Wife and Kids - S02E18 - Double Date 720p HD - Dating Sites Free Chat!

Please type a name. Please type a valid email address. Please type a question. Female First Forum Skip to content. Let hubby watch me w much larger toy a place to talk about your love life, get tips and advice and seek opionions on these matters. I was hardly a virgin when we met so he knows I have had a few lovers before him. He also knows a couple of x's were endowed men. My husband is aware and does not seem insecure about the simple fact that he is modestly sized himself.

This has never been a serious issue in our sex life as he is a very generous lover always making sure I am pleasured and reach satisfaction cliteraly. I have always told him size doesn't make a difference and that I simply cannot have a vaginal orgasm.

Well, that is partially true We have played w toys before but I always insisted they are 'normal' sized; which is just a little larger than he is. Well recently he brought home a very realistic looking and feeling dildo that must be 8 or more inches and very nice and thick! I tried to play it modest and tell him its too big for me but he really wants me to Watch me and my wife it.

He wants to watch me Watch me and my wife it actually which brings us to my concern The toy is huge! In fact it reminds me of an x I had and the pleasure he brought me was uncontrollable. I am afraid Watch me and my wife if I let my husband watch he will see how much I truly love it! I doubt I would be able to restrain myself and not sure if he could handle knowing how much his sweet little wife can really do. I also know I will make myself cum vaginally with it and as I experienced Watch me and my wife my X Watch me and my wife won't be able to stop.

He has never seen me climax like I know I will and has never seen me multi-orgasmic which a toy this size will undoubtably bring me. Can any other wives relate to my situation? What would you do? I was more than past needed such a feeling but now that he brought it home I find myself wanting to feel that complete again. Or go bigger, so big it couldn't be real, Watch me and my wife know a lot of men like to see that.

Doesn't trigger a comparison with his own size. At the end of the day it should be what you want to do together. Watch me and my wife you can know how he'll react, but if he brought it I'd have thought he'd want it to be used. You also have empathy toward his feelings, so that's an even better indicator that you have a healthy relationship and good communication.

Also, you've Watch me and my wife happily married for 15 years. With all of that, I think it's probably good to tackle the large toy.

Your hubby bubby is encouraging you, and it seems like it will turn him on. Have him join in somehow, even if he's just masturbating while watching you - this will help him still feel involved and connected. Also - don't hold back or restrain yourself. Relaxing music to start out, maybe a massage to warm up, nice lighting, sexy turn-on music to amp things up, some dirty talk with your hubby Then really go for it and tackle your hubby after or during! Return the favor and tell him something new that would turn you on!

Each has been with people of different Watch me and my wife and sizes. A guy with a big penis can only use his asset for a very short part of the relationship time wise. What I'm getting at is sure you have with a few human donkey's, but you didn't choose to marry them and he didn't choose any of his previous conquests. Also are you sure the intensive experience you had with a large penis wasn't just something different with someone new like the start of all new relationships?

HB is also hung like a donkey and I can tell you after 15 years of regular sex if we separated tomorrow I doubt I'd miss it and when my orgasm is intense, its because of what we did together. I can tell you one of my Watch me and my wife memorable was one when he didn't even touch me apart from hands not touching breasts or crutch. He bought you the toy for you to use and enjoy. I highly doubt he Watch me and my wife it as a test or to injure.

I also think most guys like to see and get off on how big an object we can stick between our legs. I mean Watch me and my wife make porn movies with guys well hung and girls using alsorts of large objects and Dildo's, I've never heard of one called ,"Girl takes on a piece on a pencil","or world's smallest penis".

And on size, guys no matter how big you think you are, we are designed to push out a baby which is 10cm across! Yes I have a large dildo like that, HB and I bought it together in a porn shop. We use it together and enjoy it together. Even when alone I really have no interest in using it, I'd rather something slimmer and shorter.

When I'm alone it about a gentle good time with an end goal. Watch me and my wife I say use, maybe you want a private test drive maybe you Watch me and my wife. But use it together and just enjoy the out come. If he asks or makes mention you appear to have a more intensive organism, just tell him because its something new and you enjoyed your time together.

I decided to go for it. I chose to play it coy. I waited for my hubby to bring it up again I knew he would of course and 'reluctantly' agreed to do it 'just for him' I also told him I would be more comfortable if he was the one using the toy on me. Things got even more interesting than I had imagined We were into some passionate foreplay at the time and both were already pretty worked up when my husband got the toy out.

He was gentle, cautious, and way too timid to be honest. By the time it took him to begin stretching the Watch me and my wife of that thing inside me the desire and Watch me and my wife was driving me crazy.

I couldn't take it anymore. I abruptly pushed his hand out of the way, grabbed hold of the toy, and plunged it deep inside myself I came almost instantly! The look on my hubby's face was priceless. His eyes were popping out of his head and his mouth literally hung open in awe. That's when it happened. I looked at him and suddenly was no longer concerned or worried at all.

In fact I found myself actually wanting to shock him! I wanted him to know!!! I threw my legs wide open in the air and began stroking the entire length of the toy inside of me. Every thrust seemed to prolong my orgasm until I eventually brought myself to another long intense climax. I completely let myself go. I moaned loudly, cried out, and thrusted my hips like my hubby had never seen nor heard from me before.

I'm ashamed to admit images of my X popped into my mind. He actually loved it!!! I have no idea what got into me but while I lay there quivering in climax and still breathing quite heavily, I looked deep into his eyes and in my most sultry voice I taunted: He desperately jumped on top of me. I could barely feel him enter. The poor guy didn't last more than ten strokes or so. I whispered into his ear: He immediately clutched hold of me and came. We held each other closely for a while.

My husband confessed that he could have never imagined that I could be so sexual and loved finally finding out. I assured him of my love and contentment with him. Thats when he told me he realized he could never do anything like that for me and assured me it was not Watch me and my wife issue. Somehow I think that part is a huge turn on for him actually.

IDK I know he wants me to do it Watch me and my wife and said he especially liked the way I talked to him. I must say I surprised myself by how much I liked that part of it. It gave me a feeling of sensual power that I had never really experienced before.

I know he wants me to take that even further but would not get specific. What do you all think? I think that you have found that you like to humiliate him We talked a little more about it last night in bed. He did confirm not only enjoying what he saw but when asked admitted that knowing it was not something he could do was somehow part of the turn on.

He also admitted that indeed he liked being taunted and provoked and asked if I enjoyed doing that. You all know my answer. I was correct Watch me and my wife he wants me to take that further though I am uncertain as to how exactly. The more I consider it the more the idea excites me though! I see two options in "taking it further" 1 Even bigger dildo 2 A well hung man I think you maybe heading to a cross roads in your relationship, if you value Watch me and my wife marriage I would recommend treading carefully.

June 1, Not in the course of so-called Stags, though. These guys get their rocks off watching their helpmate or girlfriend having gender with other dudes.

The Stag either joins in or watches as a voyeur. However you could be mistaken for philosophy that as the explication of a cuckold is a man who enjoys the act of his wife being pleasured close to another male. The Bull, the wife or both dominate the encounter and the cuckold gets his sexual thrill from the masochistic shame and humbling.

Although their 72K Tizzy followers do.

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Ask Anna: Why does my husband like to watch me with other men?

Entertain type a sign. Please type a valid email lecture. Please type a question. Female In front Forum Skip to content. Let hubby watch me w much larger bit of frippery trifle with a place to talk about your love life, land a put tips and admonition and seek opionions on these matters.

I was seldom a virgin when we met so he knows I have had a few lovers in the future him. He and knows a duo of x's were endowed men. My husband is sensible and does not seem insecure nearby the simple occurrence that he is modestly sized himself. This has at no time been a grave issue in our sex life as he is a very generous lover always making accurate I am pleasured and reach redress cliteraly.

I arrange always told him size doesn't thrive a difference and that I ingenuously cannot have a vaginal orgasm.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. The rule is that you use 'I' if it forms part of the subject of the verb, but 'me' if it's the object or predicate.

It is not proper to say or write "Please join my wife and I". You should use me, and it doesn't matter which order. The simple rule of thumb for deciding whether to use me or I is to take the other person out of the sentence.

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Guys/girls opinions -- lingerie sets? Watch Watch Me Fuck Your Wife porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. A list of 21 movies for you and your loved one to watch this weekend. But don't worry — let's aren't all rom-coms. We have something for every..


  • Name: Kathrine
  • Age: 34
  • Heigh: 5'.5"
  • Weight: 56 kg.
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  • Sex "toys": French tickler

  • Music: "Grind - Alice In Chains"

About ME: Flirty txts and picz, possible meeting up, Fit and well endowed get my attention, obviously. If that peaks your interest to you then let me know .

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